Spit Roast Catering Melbourne

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At Diamond Blue Catering, we can custom design our spit roast catering services for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and almost any other large-scale celebration. We offer a variety of options, including gourmet spit roast catering. Diamond Blue is an affordable caterer, proudly offering high-quality services to Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Searching for Gourmet Spit Roast Catering?

Perfect for all types of functions, our classic menus are sure to impress your guests. Choose Diamond Blue when you want an affordable caterer who will spit roast high-quality meats to perfection, provide generous portions, and offer delicious additions like scrumptious side dishes and delectable desserts.

Whether you need spit roast catering for a backyard party or a wedding, our caterer is a smart choice. It is a fuss-free and hearty catering option that can easily satisfy a large group of people. Fun and entertaining, we also provide an extra point of interest at your celebration.

Flexible Spit Roast Catering Menus

Our flexible menus allow you to choose between beef, pork, chicken, lamb and even turkey. In addition to meats, our caterer will help you choose four selections from our salad menu to offer your guests.

With ten delicious choices like coleslaw and curried chicken pasta, our salad menu offers a wide range of choices to compliment any event.
Adding to the value, our caterers serve gravy, potatoes, and bread rolls.

Diamond Blue Catering knows that BBQ meat isn’t for everyone. For this reason, we offer two vegetarian catering options. And if you want to go all-out, your Diamond Blue caterer can also provide your guests with mouth-watering desserts for a small additional fee.

On Site Spit Roast Catering Options

Our spit roast caterers ensure that all meat is cooked fresh and then transported to your function in insulated catering boxes to keep your food piping hot. Or, if you’d prefer your meal cooked at your venue, our expert caterer can roast the meat on-site for an additional charge of $300.

Diamond Blue is known for great-tasting food and friendly, personalised service. Enjoy the taste of high quality meat cooked by a professional caterer at your next event – contact Diamond Blue Catering today!

Main CourseMost Popular

$ 24.50

per person including GSTfor functions over 50 people


$ 9.50

per person including GSTAdd on to the Main Course

Main Course

$ 27.00

per person including GSTfor functions under 50 people