High Tea Catering Melbourne

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The English are famous for the high tea, typically served at 3 pm every afternoon – but they aren’t the only ones who enjoy this delightful afternoon tea event. Many women’s groups and corporate meetings are held around a beautifully served, deliciously-brewed tea service with all the sweet and tasty extras. Diamond Blue Catering proudly offers high tea catering services in and around the Melbourne area for you and your guests to enjoy anytime.

What is a high tea?

High tea presents a special, elegant time set aside in sophistication and style for your guests to come together and share. Executed in excellence down to the last detail, Diamond Blue is a Melbourne catering company that offers an exquisite collection of colourful crockery specially designed for high tea occasions, and our high tea catering will turn an ordinary event into a stylish, unique affair that your attendees will be talking about for a long time!

We specialise in all phases of gourmet catering – breakfast catering, dinner parties and all other occasions. All our morning tea and afternoon tea menus – including our delicious entree’s, sweet treats and delicate appetisers – are available for your high tea gathering. Your event would equal any high tea served in the Mother country of England! When preparing for a high tea event, our experienced chefs will touch base to personalise your occasion with delicacies that match your own style and preference and all of our accompaniments for your affair are prepared using the freshest whole ingredients. Our chefs take personal pride in preparing a stellar banquet with a delightfully delicious and satisfying assortment of dishes so that everyone will find their favourites and enjoy.

What is included in a high tea catering event?

We offer a variety of high tea and gourmet finger food packages and we are dedicated to presenting a charming, unique touch that includes the tastiest miniature or regular-sized sweets, gourmet sandwiches and many other delectables for your event. Our set-up and delivery excel with detailed design and placement. You and your party will select and direct our banquet team with the best and most appropriate food items and in the arrangement of accessories, including tables, chairs, linens, dishware, and silver. Your high tea meeting or event catering will be flawlessly executed, but of course, you get all the credit! 

What occasions are appropriate for a high tea gathering?

We are delighted to create an event for such memorable occasions such as bridal showers, at home parties, boutique weddings, baby showers, entertaining elite clients, garden parties, engagement parties, social events, fashion shows and corporate events.

Our experienced catering team is proud to execute from start to finish an extra special high tea event that will create an exceptional time for your guests with memories that will last a lifetime. High tea could become one of your favourite celebrations of the year! Contact us today to enquire about your next high tea catering event.