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Tips for Choosing a Dining Plan at Your Next Event

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Tips for Choosing a Dining Plan at Your Next Event

When it comes to catering in Melbourne, your options are endless. From tasty finger foods to a three-course dinner, you can be rest assured that your next event will delight everyone’s taste buds. You’re probably wondering, though, what types of foods to serve. The theme of your event and the set up that you have will largely influence the foods and beverages to offer your guests. It’s important to keep in mind that the presentation of the food will influence your guests’ satisfaction, so hiring a professional catering service is a wise choice to make.

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Blow Out Your Next Event with Party Catering

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Blow Out Your Next Event With Party Catering

Hoping to host a blowout event? Of course! No one wants their party to be a flop, especially after pouring so much time and money into the planning process. Well, good news: by taking just a few simple steps, you can ensure your party is one for the ages.

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5 Events That Benefit From Beautiful Breakfast Catering

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5 Events That Benefit From Beautiful Breakfast Catering

Imagine a perfectly catered event. Visualise the venue, the décor, and the fixings. See the drinks and napkins in your head. Now look out the window. If you’re like most people, chances are you imagined a warm evening or a cool night for your catering scenario … but you probably didn’t think of morning.

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Unique Places to Host Your Next BBQ Catering Event

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Unique Places To Host Your Next BBQ Catering Event

Everyone loves getting BBQ sauce all over their fingers, digging into huge bowls of fresh garden salad and buttering rolls to reckless abandon. With quality BBQ catering in Melbourne, you can do the same, without having to worry about the menu or the timing of the meat. When you’re ready to take your catered BBQ event to the next level, try one of these unique locations on for size. Read More

When Finger Food Isn’t Finger Food

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When Finger Food Isn’t Finger Food

Everyone loves finger food. Elegantly rolled lunch meat, tiny quiches, baby burgers … all lend an informal air to your next big affair. Whether you’re looking for catering services for a corporate event or hoping to find great finger food-style wedding catering, you want to make sure your gourmet selections can actually be eaten with hands. Look for these sneaky signs that finger food isn’t actually finger food, and steer clear.

If You Have to Use a Fork, Knife or Plate

Of course, sometimes a small plate can be nice, and there’s no reason to deprive your guests if you like the look. Technically speaking, however, finger food should allow diners to grab a snack off a passing platter without having to transfer it to dinnerware. Spoons are the exception, since risottos and pastas may be served in them.

If It’s Flaky, Crumbly, Limp Or Otherwise Hard to Hold

Standard-sized pastries and hot dogs have two things in common: 1) they are delicious, and 2) they should not be considered finger food. Anything that might come apart on its own (like the flakes of a fish), spill everywhere after a single bit (like the puffiness of pastry), or sag in your hands after you eat part of it (we’re looking at you, weenie) shouldn’t be considered finger food unless you can eat it in a single bite. Of course, anything bite-sized is fair game, because it has nowhere to fall apart but in your mouth.

When There’s Sauce Involved

Sauce is a sure sign that you’ve got non-finger food on your hands. There are exceptions, such as when a morsel has a little bit of sauce smeared inside a bun, or a piece of cheese or veggie is delicately marinated and spiked on a skewer. If sauce is drippy, runny, requires dipping, or can otherwise cause a mess, however, that’s not finger food! Remember, anything that can’t sit comfortably in a hand, spoon, or napkin probably requires a plate.

When It Is Bigger Than Bite-Sized

Of course, if it’s small enough that a diner could hold it delicately between thumb and forefinger and take bites, that’s fine. However, a slider, people, is not finger food. It’s a messy sandwich, though granted a miniature one, and it requires a plate. Especially if there’s sauce involved. Now, don’t confuse this with a truly bite-sized burger, which can pop into the mouth easily and won’t cause a mess.

Wondering what kinds of catering Melbourne has to offer for finger food? Look no further than Diamond Blue Catering, which offers beautiful finger foods at affordable prices, without endangering your guests’ outfits or secretly requiring plates and forks!

How to choose a Wedding Caterer for your Magical Day

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How To Choose A Wedding Caterer For Your Magical Day

Walking down the aisle with your true soul mate is certainly a gift from heaven. The day marks the commencement of a journey full of love, trust and understanding. A day that symbolises so much ought to be perfect in every possible way. One thing that plays a major role in making the day a cherished one is a sumptuous meal. Employing the right wedding caterer can help you achieve this. However, the decision-making process may require you to analyse a few aspects.

Fix the Wedding Budget

Before commencing; be sure about your budget. Your fiancé and you should be in perfect agreement on the wedding budget. A good way of curtailing finances is slashing down the guest list. Do not compromise on the quality of the food. Instead, decide upon guests whose presence truly matters.

Decide the Wedding Venue

The next aspect is securing the place for the D-day. Certain venues come with catering benefits. Some require you to choose from caterers on roll. If these options are not available, then the task falls on you completely. Look for reliable and reputable creditable catering companies, such as Diamond Blue Catering. Also, make sure the caterer is licensed and insured.

Ensure the Availability

You may have heard enormous praises of a particular wedding caterer but are they available on the day? Ensuring availability is the preliminary requisite. Commence the conversation on this note. If you are fortunate enough, then move to the other key aspects of planning.

Compatibility of Budget

There should be complete transparency about the costs involved. State your budget clearly. A reputed wedding caterer will provide you a worthwhile package in the limited resources. The quote should include taxes, tableware and linen. If this is not clear from the quote, don’t hesitate to ask the caterer and get it in writing.

Presentation and Quality of Food

Food first has to appeal to the eyes and then the palate. Presentation is extremely important in the planning of any event. The company should also be equipped with skilled professionals to serve the guests in style. A sumptuous and innovative menu comes next. The caterer should offer an amalgamation of traditional and novel recipes. Stress upon tasting the cuisines before finalising. This gives you a complete view of the competence of the caterer.

Satisfactory Service

Finally, it is important the service is flawless. The slightest slip in this domain can mar the entire celebration. Gain clarity on issues of food service and bar tending.

If there is anyone in Melbourne that can prove its niche in all these aspects and more, it is certainly Diamond Blue Catering. The company has built an unparalleled reputation in the wedding catering industry on the basis of exotic cuisines, splendid style of presentation and flawless service. The culinary competence of the company extends from the innovative appetisers to the mouth watering desserts. This catering company can surely impart taste and finesse to your magical day!