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Diamond Blue Catering Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Grazing/Feasting Catering

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Grazing or Feasting style of catering is very popular these days and is reminiscent of the past medieval days of Kings and Queens with their loyal knights around a huge table laden with food and wine. We are constantly getting requests for weddings where the bride and groom want this style of catering.

It allows for a number of advantages such as – Guests can choose what they like or dislike from a number of different dishes, dietary requirements can be more easily catered for, the social aspect being guests will chat more as they are passing the dishes around the table to each other, lighter eaters can eat less and heavier eaters can have more.

We offer a number of different menu choices for our Grazing/Feasting Menus and also included would be sides such as vegetables or salads etc. Please feel free to enquire with us today on 97371113 or email us at info@diamondbluecatering.com.au.

Tips for Cooking Roast Meats

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Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb – How to cook, get the best flavour and the crunchiest crackling!!
The general rule for cooking roast meats is to start off the oven very hot 200c to 220c) for the first half hour or so and then turn down (180c) for the rest of the cooking time. This will ensure hat the juices are sealed in and also a nice crust is formed on the outside of the meat. Resting the meat loosely covered with foil after cooking will allow it to relax and at the same time the foil will keep the meat hot until it is time to carve.

Roast Pork – The skin will need to be scored, your butcher would normally do this for you. Before roasting pat dry with some paper towel and then rub salt all over the dry skin. This will give you the best chance of decent crackling as will a hot oven for the first ¼ of the cooking time. If you need to you can remove the crackling ear the end and lay flat on a tray in a very hot oven to really crisp it up.

Roast Lamb – The way we get our lamb legs from the butcher is boned and then netted so that it is nice and neat for cooking. Fresh rosemary, garlic, oil, red wine, salt and pepper will make an amazing tasting and smelling marinate Cook only till medium which is about 50 degrees Celsius if you have a meat thermometer Same as the beef, let it rest for a little bit and then carve.

Roast Beef – We marinate our beef in seeded mustard, dried herbs, salt, pepper and red wine. Starting off with a higher temperature will give you a decent crust and then lowering the temperature slightly to continue the cooking process. Resting the meat at the end of cooking is a must and then carve and enjoy.

Choosing a Venue

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You’ve decided on a date, started on the guest list, thought about the time of day and now its time to decide where your function will be held. If your home is suitable then there are positives and negatives to having it in your house eg you are already there and don’t have to travel, will work out cheaper, it can be quite expensive to hire a venue, if hiring a venue most likely you will have to buy there alcohol so can work out more expensive than supplying your own at home. Holding it at home will involve a lot of preparation before and then clean up afterwards plus possible damage if things get a bit crazy!

We have done many functions/weddings/parties at venues all across Melbourne and can offer great advice on a venue that might suit your needs. From as simple as a church hall that might only be a couple hundred dollars to hire to a lavish town hall or a winery in the Yarra Valley with amazing views and scenery. Just to name a few of the venues that we love to cater at in our area are:

Olinda Yarra – Wedding and function Venue – Yering

Acacia Ridge – Winery and Wedding Venue – Yarra Glen

Log Cabin Ranch – Wedding Venue with accommodation for guests to stay – Monbulk

Swallow fields Vineyard – Wedding Venue – Gembrook

Punt Road Winery – Private or Corporate functions – Coldstream

Box Hill Town Hall – Private or Corporate functions – Box Hill

We have plenty more venues that we have worked at and would love the opportunity to give you some ideas if you are on the lookout for your special place to hold your event

We can be contacted directly on 03 9737 1113 or email us at info@diamondbluecatering.com.au

Gourmet Finger Food – The Diamond Blue Way

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When you think of Finger Food there are so may different interpretations and styles that a lot of people are confused on where to turn. From as simple as mini spring rolls and mini dim sims to as extravagant as a freshly made ravioli filled with duck and porcini mushrooms. What you will choose and the catering company you choose will depend on the style you after, the type of function you are holding and also of course your budget.

At Diamond Blue Catering we like to think we offer a nice and varied selection from the more simple through to the more fancy foods but with prices that are affordable and definite value for money. Over the years so many people have said when enquiring about Finger Food ‘I don’t want our guests to go hungry and have to stop at McDonalds on the way home’. Nearly all of the finger food functions we cater for the guests will be full and we will have food leftover at the end. With a variety of items such as Thai marinated prawn tails, Pulled BBQ pork buns, Home made sausage rolls and vegetarian Arancini we have all tastes covered. Our waiting staff will serve the finger food to your guests whilst walking around with the platters and an average service would be 2 hours at a minimum depending on your function size and the amount of food that you choose. Please feel free to contact us if you have any finger food or any catering enquiries at all.

Spit Roast Buffet

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The Spit Roast Buffet is one of our more popular menus that we cater for at weddings, private functions, corporate days, Christmas parties and a variety of other lunches and dinners. The buffet consists of 2 different hot meats, 4 salads chosen from our menus, baked potatoes and sour cream, condiments and gravy, bread rolls and butter portions. It also includes plates and cutlery, salad bowls and serving utensils and staff to set up, carve and serve the guests at the buffet and also to pack up on completion. Your guests would come up to the buffet, have their meat carved for them by our chef and then go on to select their own salads etc as they wish, they are more than welcome to come up for seconds after everyone has eaten as well.

The Spit Roast can either be cooked onsite at further cost if you wish for the ambience and delicious smell to entice your guests or otherwise we will cook it at our premises and bring it to your venue ready to go and to be served. The Spit Roast package is priced at $21.50 per guest for under 50 guests and $19.90 per guest for 50 guests or over. If you are wanting the meat cooked onsite it is an extra $270.00 as our staff would need to be there at least 3 hours before the time you want the food to be ready.

Feel free to contact us on 9737 1113 if you wish to discuss this package or you can find our full menus online at https://www.diamondbluecateringmelbourne.com.au/spit-roast-catering-melbourne

Diamond Blue BBQ Catering

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With the warmer weather and longer days here a lot of our business is catering for BBQ’s throughout Melbourne. We do BBQ’s for everything from weddings to private in-home parties to corporate and sporting events. From a basic Aussie BBQ style package starting at $17.50 per guest plus GST which includes 2 different meat choices and 3 different salad choices from our menus to our very popular Gourmet BBQ packages which have items such as seafood kebabs, Moroccan chicken skewers, Porterhouse steak and Barramundi fillets.

The food is set up as a buffet with the BBQ choices served on white platters, salads in glass bowls, bread baskets, sauces and condiments, plates and cutlery. Guests would go along the buffet and help themselves to the food they liked and our chefs would continue cooking and topping up the buffet throughout the service.

The BBQ tends to be generally for more casual events but saying that we have catered many weddings with our Gourmet BBQ Buffet when the bride and groom want something little bit different than what everyone else is doing. Corporate events including team building, meetings or company milestones are a great way to thank your staff by ending the event with a BBQ lunch.

Please feel free to contact us at Diamond Blue Catering f you would like a quote on a BBQ event that you have in mind or even if you just have a question or two you would like to ask.

We can be contacted directly on 03 9737 1113 or email us at info@diamondbluecatering.com.au

Wedding Season is here!!

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Warmer weather, longer days, great venue, friends and family, awesome food, plenty to drink, perfect band. So many things add up to an amazing wedding to remember that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Wedding planning is usually started a minimum of 12 months before the big day. This is to ensure that you get the venue that you want and the suppliers that you hit it off with. Everything from florists to caterers to a marriage celebrant needs to be booked plus lots more.

Advertising platforms like Easy Weddings or Yarra Valley Weddings are fantastic to see and read about many different suppliers all in one location. You can also visit one of the many upcoming Bridal and Wedding Expos held all around Melbourne. Here you can talk directly to suppliers and see exactly what they do and how they can help you make your wedding day amazing.

You can also contact us here at Diamond Blue directly if you wanted to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning and we will definitely be happy to help out where we can.

We can be contacted directly on 03 9737 1113 or email us at info@diamondbluecatering.com.au

Tips for Choosing a Dining Plan at Your Next Event

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